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J pouch and coffee question

Posted by mark on June 2, 2008

I’m going to start posting here some of the most frequent questions I get and This future j poucher wrote this on the original photo journal at http://www.flickr.com/photos/markandmegan/2178758105/in/set-72157602651637141/

“Hi Mark and Megan, thanks for the great photos. I had this surgery 2 weeks ago, and I’m mentally preparing for the next steps (for me, they didn’t make the J-pouch during the first surgery — not sure why). I was wondering, reading about Mark’s Immodium and Metamucil dietary supplements: Mark, do you drink coffee? I’m hopelessly addicted; I love it. I’m concerned that my love affair with coffee will cause more frequent bowel movements after the takedown surgery. Any thoughts? I should probably start liking tea or etc., huh? “-eamills

My response “About the coffee, if you’ve been able to tolerate caffenine with sick then you should be fine. For me, coffee and caffenine have been a big and obvious enemy because they tend to tear up my stomach. I would base your ability to use coffee on how it affected you while you were sick. I do have alcohol every now and again, and I can hold fine. If I have too much my movements go instantly to liquid but that is somewhat like how it would be on a normal person too in a way.”



One Response to “J pouch and coffee question”

  1. Erica said

    Looks like coffee isn’t going to kill us either. Not related to the jpouch but does take some of the guilt out of
    drinking coffee, this study is pretty interesting:


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