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Veracruz, Mexico Photos!

Posted by mark on June 2, 2008

Here is Mark just grubbing on some good mexican food, and drinking a margarita.  It was really nice to be able to sit on this beach side restaurant and watch the ocean, the local families and just enjoy the day for a few hours before it was back to me since our trip to Veracruz was both business for me and a few days of relaxing.  While we were outside he never had to use the bathrooom or anything, and were were there for about 4 hours, 2 margaritas later 🙂  He did say though that this lunch and hooch was hard on him that night and he was gassy and in the bathroom a lot that night.

Unfortunately Mark has some sort of head and chest cold while we were there. He hasn’t had too many colds or such since his surgeries over a year ago, which is nice that he is usually really healthy.


4 Responses to “Veracruz, Mexico Photos!”

  1. Jason Pa said

    Even though I dont go on the jpouch site anymore, a friend of mine from the site sent me the link to this page. I try and keep up with friends on the site. Loved the page, photos and thrive for a better life you guys have. I know Mark went through the operations, but like my wife … I am sure if it wasnt for you Mark would have had a longer road! I am so proud of you guys and even though we never met or talked I feel like you are friends for life! Glad your pouch is working great and keep on living life!
    As for me … Have my perm illeo now over a year… Playing full check ice hockey and wearing the gun belt and working the roads again. Oh ya.. and eating like a pig! Drop me a email now and then and let me know how life is!
    Thanks Again For the Great Page
    Jason PA “)

  2. mdhilton said

    Hey Jason,

    Glad to hear you are living well with your perm ileo, I know getting you back to healthy was a long road. It is funny but we link to one of your old jpouch forum posts from the past regarding how to care for your ostomy. It is one post that gets clicked on this site rather frequently, I think that caring for the skin and ostomy is tricky for most people and I felt your advice was most helpful and that is why I wanted to share it with others – hoping it would help them the way it helped me.


  3. Jennifer said

    I am in the first stage of j pouch surgery at the moment and am waiting for the stoma removal operation. Thank you so much for having such a detailed blog and sharing all of this, it means a lot to me. I now have a lot better idea what to expect and I am less afraid. Thank you, you have given me hope. Jennifer. x

  4. laurie said

    It was so great to read of your journey with J-Pouch. I have had UC for 25-30 yrs. Had a dysplasic show 8 yrs ago.,but chose wait and see approach with frequent scopes. 3 yrs of remission the most and take 20-60 mg Prednisone for flares,Asacol 4-8 tabs always. had 3 flares in last yr. Trying to decide if now is the time for J-Pouch, getting sick and tired of being sick and tired and I am 52 yr old active female. I have a Scope next tues and pretty sure I will ask GI surgeon her thinking. UC is never going to be gone and how long should i wait for surgery.? I have educated myself on pros and cons of j-pouch and am definately more afraid of getting cancer and living on the dreaded Prednisone. Any comments would help!
    Thanks again for your story sooooo helpful mark. and every one else.

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