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Call for Stories, Blogs, Links, Photos

Posted by mark on June 9, 2008

In an attempt to make this blog as informative and helpful to a diverse group of j pouchers in all stages (temp ileo, perm ileo, no surgery yet, any stage welcome), we are asking that you send us your stories, links to your blogs, photos, links to photos, etc…We’d love to connect our network to others around so that when others visit our site they can have input from diverse people! 

We are especially hopeful that we can provide the female perspective on this blog – if you are a female, and have or will document your surgery journey with photos, please consider allowing us to link or share your journey on this site.  As you can tell right now we represent the male journey (which is excellent), however, we need the females represented as well! 

What we’ve learned by sharing this story of Mark and support for Mark is helping others is the best way to heal and cope.  If your story, blog, photos, etc.. can help another individual whether a stranger or a family/friend we encourage you to share. 

We want this to be a positive resource so that both you and your loved ones can vist and hear stories that fit your situations. Send us a comment or send an email to mdhilton@gmail.com


Photo by: Sidereal


One Response to “Call for Stories, Blogs, Links, Photos”

  1. mdhilton said

    I was just sent this link to a group of stories of individuals and their jpouch journey. These are well-written and throughtful articles that may be of interest to you:


    Thanks to JM for sending this link to us!

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