UC to J-Pouch Story

Equal Shared Living

Posted by Megan on June 16, 2008

This wonderful article from the New York Times about “equal shared parenting” really sums up how I like to think Mark and I have learned to manage our life.  Although we are not parents, we do have a dog, and we did have UC for many years. I think that the UC and fight with that really taught us how to become a team, and do things in life using a model of “teamwork.” There is this blend of compromise but an equality overall of who does what, when, how much, etc…But what I value the most is the shared emotional aspect. 

I guess in all the struggle with his health, we have really benefited in certain areas as a couple and as human beings.  This article really triggered this in me, made me identify with the people in the video in the sense of a couple as a “team.”   

Photo: x-mas 2006, Mark was sick and on remicade and predisone. He may have started the Humira shots in late december, I can’t recall.  This was a good holiday because we were really making peace with the reality that surgery was coming and he might be healthy again. 


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