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Most FAQs: Elective Surgery?

Posted by Megan on June 19, 2008

One frequent question asked is if Mark’s surgery was elective?

Yes, Mark’s surgery was technically “optional.” He could have lived unfunctionally sick with his colon forever or he could have had the “optional” surgery.  A common question and one we asked is When did you know time for surgery? There are many posts out there like this one Jpouch vs Ileostomy and these help you feel not so alone in this journey.  Mark tells his story in this post: For those not forced into surgery, and Stories of surgery decision making . And although we get this question a lot, just because we sorta answer it here, you can feel free to write us at any time to talk about your decision process. For us making the decision took 3 years and was really, extremely difficult.   We have lots of experience offering our experience on making the decision, so use us as a resource if you need.  You don’t have to go through this decision alone, that was our mistake!

Here is a Video that is really well done that talks about making the decision for surgery, and her two step surgery is shown and discussed.  Technical and emotional are both addressed.  Really Recommend to Watch!


One Response to “Most FAQs: Elective Surgery?”

  1. How did you go about researching surgeons?

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