UC to J-Pouch Story


Posted by Megan on June 20, 2008

“There is something in my body that is telling me to do something that I should probably ignore.” – Testosterone NPR This American Life

I know this doesn’t have anything directly to do with UC, jpouch or the like, but it relates in some way.  See, my sister had recommened that I listent to an EXCELLENT radio program Testosterone NPR This American Life.  All I can say is without a doubt you must find the time to listen to show, I think it was about an hour long and you must listen because you need this information. I couldn’t sleep last night because I’m writing my dissertation and my mind is just so busy that I’m having some trouble sleeping – so I turned it on thinking it would put me to sleep and it kept me awake it was so interesting.

Here’s a some notes I pulled from it:  One man explains that when he lost his testosterone (T)  he lost his ability to know – he had no frame of reference for anything whether it was a flower or sound.  Then a woman to male explains it so interestingly, before T, he explains that as a lesbian she would see a beautiful woman and think about her though in the sense of  ‘oh she is pretty, what is she reading, she looks really into that book, etc..,” but when she to he started T, found the he was unable to follow the rationale he had without T. to not look back at her breast – but something overcame and with T he would HAVE to look back at her breasts. After T. he for the first time became interested in science. . He had to relearn how to talk to women, rephrase things.   Testosterone NPR This American Life.


What it did for me was help to shed some light on testosterone, a concept I knew about but never really learned anything much about.   It isn’t meant to hold up any stereotypes, but it is interesting to hear people talk about their life before and after T. Sheds some light on how we function.


Photo by: deepwarren


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