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Reason to Blog your Story #2

Posted by mark on June 22, 2008

Mark,I just checked out your site and I think it is absolutely GREAT!    

I had ileostomy surgery in May.  When I knew I was going to be having the surgery, I can’t tell you how many times I googled all kinds of things about stomas, ileostomies, bags, etc. just to get a picture of what I would look like, what the stoma and bag look like, etc.–I had no clue what to expect….and there is hardly anything out there showing this!!!

Your site has exactly what I was looking for–pictures of a real young adult going through ileostomy surgery–with clear pics of the stoma, scars and bag…! 

I think you are brave, and I am SURE you are helping many other young people who are facing surgery to know what to expect!!  I would have loved to see your site before my surgery!  Surgeons can tell me what to expect until they are blue in the face, but a picture is 100 times more real to me then any verbal description…

Also, glad to know you are healthy again!!!! Isn’t is great? 


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