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Alternative Medicine for UC & Video

Posted by mark on June 25, 2008

Video about Natural medicine for Crohn’s D.

A big question for many people with UC is whether or not to try alternative medicines.  There are so many avenues in which to talk about this topic, and I am NO expert, but for starters here is a good starter article from Mayo Clinic: Alternative Medicine for UC

My experience lasted for a year trying alternative medicines.  It was at year 4 of a very long flare (the one that lead to surgery), and I tried everything.

1) Acupuncture worked well to help me sleep, especially with UC where I was prone to getting little sleep from either getting up all the time or pred effects.

2) Aloe juice. I found that when I was in a more mild stage that aloe worked well for me. But I had to find the right aloe brand that would work. I would take it at night and it  seemed to lessen the inflammation for a little while so I could get a little sleep.

3) Probiotics – Did all the yogurt maker and the UC friendly yogurt.  Really labor intensive and no effects for me.

4) I worked with a Naturopath who focused on GI issues. He was able to do all the alterative tests, like bacterias and allergy that my western dr. wouldn’t try.  With him, I did a naturopath series of cleansing, I even did a liquid diet. Trying to slow my system down to try to lessen the inflammation then started slowly introducing foods. I lost tons of weight in this week and got really sick. This was a bad idea for me.

5) I tried many different pills, can’t recall all of them, oh yeah, Digestonol was $180 for 30 days of pills and that didn’t work and was really expensive.

6) During a 3 month time of trying to do natural, I also tried not working for 3 months and tried to relieve stress from my life to give my body time to relax and heal. This didn’t work.

7) I tried the SCDiet a few times, that just made me lose weight and was too hard to maintain, but mainly I couldn’t stand the weight loss.

8) Went to a visiting eastern medicine doctor for a private screening. He just wanted to sell me stuff, but his talk was really fascintating.

9) I had GOOD response to FISH OIL PILLS, andI would take those when I wasn’t on pred. and they seemed to help with the inflammation some.

10) I’ll let you know if there was more that was tried.  

If you’ve made it this far in this post, are you wondering, “Why did he try so much when it wasn’t working?”  The answer is simple: I had to know 100% for myself that if I choose the elective surgery, I didn’t want any future regrets.  Not everyone has to try as much as I did to know their colon is broken, but this was my process.   I still believe in alternative medicine and think that there is a great blend out there for UC western and alternative medicine options.   

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