UC to J-Pouch Story

Potential Problems After Surgery

Posted by mark on June 29, 2008

Many people are concerned about the longevity of their jpouch. How long will it last?  What types of complications might potentially occur?  Here is a link to an excellent site that gives you really good in-depth and objective info on the Potential Problems Following J-Pouch Surgery

Image to the left shows the large intestine and rectum removed, the formation of the temporary ileostomy, and the jpouch.  The whole series of photos can be found by clicking on the following jpouch.org link.

Image via:  Jpouch.org


6 Responses to “Potential Problems After Surgery”

  1. John said

    Hi there, I had a j pouch constructed 9 years ago and after all the initial setbacks eg:-10 15 toilet stops a day, it settled down to around 8 to 10 visits a day and 1 or 2 during the night.
    Six months ago I developed a feeling of extreme tiredness and hot and cold sweats followed by vague abdominal pain, eventualy I collapsed in a heap only to find myself in emergency surgery for peritonitis. After the surgery was completed I was informed that the J pouch had perforated at the seam and the pouch had to taken down leaving me with a permanent Ileostomy. As much as this is disappointing I was wondering if anyone else has had such an experience. regards from John in Australia

    • clare said

      5 days after my j pouch had been created it ruptured at the seam and caused a recto – vaginal fissure to open as well. Thankfully I was still in hospital and was rushed to emergency theatre and given a permanent ileostomy. Am now 4 weeks in and still recovering x

  2. mark said


    That is the first time I’ve read about a situation where the pouch tears at the seam – I bet thought you are not the only one that this has happened to. Have you ever shared your story on jpouch.org? I bet there we could find some more info out similiar situations as yours.

    How are you doing living with the ileo? I know Rob on who posted a few days ago is going in for a perm ileo soon for major cancer complications.


  3. John said


    I absolutley hate this Ileostomy, as much as I have to put up with it its awful.My surgeon said my quality of life should improve no end after a while and assured me I would be better off as I am. But I,m not so sure I mean it was real convenient to sit on the loo rather than mess around with this bag. But I have to wait and see as she (surgeon ) said I have to give it 6 months before I condemn the Ileostomy.
    Thanks for your interest regards from John

  4. treva said

    i had my ileostomy in 1992 and got my life back with very few problems even now that i am disabled to work.
    hang in there, as time helps all things!! i would like to know if anyone has problems with extended stomach on the their ileo side?, doc says will probably happen again even if i have surgery, doesn’t think it is a hernia. thanks

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    Potential Problems After Surgery « UC to J-Pouch Story

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