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Songs about UC

Posted by mark on June 30, 2008

There are no words to describe how awesome this is, Jordan Sweeney has taken his talent for music and written an album about living and battling UC. You must listen to his songs, and buy his album to support great work on bringing awareness to UC. His website is located here: Jordansweeney.com

The Rain Song

Sleep now, you’re on the edge of breaking down.
Breathe now, you can’t forget that one.
Rain fell, and you’re still along that same wet road.
Oh I’m only twenty one and I’m already so low.

When I’m in no pain, I’m so alive.
I hate my face when I take my pills.
I’ll live this way and I will until I’m gone.

But I’m okay. The topics change. I’ll be so great. I’m on my way.

It feels like rain when ever I flare.
On cloudy days I become aware.
Rain comes and goes, but when it comes, it likes to rot.

music and lyrics by jordan sweeney



In The Dark

I’m in the dark. I’m freezing.
The ghost is in my skin.
I’m paranoid, I’m fleeting. The stars are my light.
It’s dim, and I need more light.
Can I breathe tonight?

Is this me, my life?
Is there a reason for pain all night?
Will I be alright?

I’m in the boring season. It seems like no one’s here.
But all around is reason to live.
It’s only fear that pulls the trigger.
Will this last forever?

It’s time to see inside.
Is there medication that’s right?
Will I be alright?

I don’t want this. Please take this back.
God, I’m so scared. It’s time to relax.
Twenty seconds left for this time.
Will the next one hurt more? I’m fine. Why not?

music and lyrics by jordan sweeney


3 Responses to “Songs about UC”

  1. Mary said

    Mark is my son-in-law and he fought UC for many years around the same age as Jordan. It was a long journey to get him to health, and he had the Jpouch surgery now doing well almost a year later. But these songs and the video for The Rain Song made me cry. I knew what he was going through, but seeing this video and hearing the music it just put it all together. I also realized how much pain not only Mark, but that we all experienced by fighting to get Mark healthy. I did not know that this would make me so emotional, but thank goodness for Jordan for making such beautiful music!

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  3. Anthony said

    Great song dude. I was just diagnost w / UC n i believe that my wife has it now too (her insurance keeps denying her claim to confirm) n even the dog is having symptoms. Somthing fishy. At least in my area. Anywho… i didnt get surgery but i just got off the clyciospoine (spelling?) N i still feel like crap. Was Surgery really worth it? Hope to hear fron u soon. Thx n good luck.

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