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A Picture Speaks 1,003 Words

Posted by mark on July 29, 2008

No Colon Tattoo


Joyce is making a unique and relevant statement about her status a no colon card carrying membership, she tattooed the “NO COLON” logo on her tailbone!  Hahahaha, now this is awesome!   Megan was only so clever as to put the “NO COLON” on a cake for me when they threw me my “Mark has NO COLON (or rectum) welcome home party.”

Thanks to Joyce for the awesome photos, you can check out her post about her tattoo here: joyce’s post about her tattoo


2 Responses to “A Picture Speaks 1,003 Words”

  1. E. said

    Hahahaha, I love the spirit fo this woman – tattooing the “no colon” symbol on her back. I figure if you can’t find humor in this journey then it would be too serious.

  2. Joe said

    As a fellow member of the “no colon” club, I have to applaud Joyce for her ingenious tat. Now I’ve got something to consider if I decide to get inked again.

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