UC to J-Pouch Story


Posted by Megan on August 4, 2008

Recently there was a jpouch.org discussion thread about scholarships  asking if any scholarships were available for IBD people.  Many IBD people do have to put their life on hold at times to deal with their health, others can’t afford school after dealing with the expense of medical bills and other pursuits to regain health.  Well, paying for school is one thing I can definately understand since I’ve been in school forever working on Ph.D.  Scholarships have been really helpful for Mark and I to help me get through school.  Seriously, when he was really sick there for a while and not working consistently, there were many times when I questioned if I could stay in school.  I mean a household with 2 adults, 1 in school and 1 living with an agressive chronic disease doesn’t make for the most financially stable household all the time!   But it was literally my scholarships and fellowships that made it possible for me to stay in school while dealing with Mark’s health.  What a true gift that was given to me and my family – I guess some of my reason to continue advocacy for IBD awareness, so much support for me created a feeling of needing to give back.  Funny how that works, eh?!

Check out CCFA Scholarship information here to see if you are eligible.  Probably missed the deadlines for this year but you’ll have time to prepare for next year. 

And check out this Great Comebacks Awards USA & UK offered from ConvaTec (ostomy supply company).  Their awards seem really great, but the deadline is missed for this year, but you could prepare your application for next year.  I love what they are offering here because they want to hear your story, what a great way to celebrate survivors!

If you have any scholarship advice for others please post a comment and share with others!

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