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Meet Stephanie

Posted by mark on August 8, 2008

The stoma will be around the size of a quarter, although the mark is admittedly a bit smaller.

The stoma will be around the size of a quarter, although the mark is admittedly a bit smaller.


We want you all to meet Stephanie, she has started posting on her blog page here, she is about 2 weeks out from her first surgery, and she will be documenting her experience with photo and text :  https://ucstory.wordpress.com/surgery-photos-stephanie-l/

As you can see to the right, she is “marked” and ready to go! 



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2 Responses to “Meet Stephanie”

  1. Hello I have a question about how you take photographs of an ostomy. We want to start a service where a patient can send in a photo of say the wound just after surgery, or an inflammation and the nurse will call him back at around a fixed time to discuss the problem. It seems to us that many would prefer to manage their ostomy in private and take a photo themselves. My question is…Is it easy to take a picture of yourself? if you email it to test@woundfollowup.com I’ll see it (but I’m a programmer, so my advice isn’t worth much). I’ll write and thank each person.

  2. Megan said

    Interesting service to offer – wonder how that would really work in reality as a service? As for the photos, I took all the photos of Mark, and Carter has someone take his photos. Ashley took her own photos here: https://ucstory.wordpress.com/2008/06/29/ileostomy-stoma-photos/

    Overall, your company may want to encourage that someone take the photos or help with the photos since living wiht an ostomy likely menas health problems, which likely mean support. Living with an ostomy isn’t just as simple as medical advice from a nurse online, it is about social support and community. We learned how to care for our ostomy from other jpouchers, the nurses really didn’t know much about “real care”.

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