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Carter’s Update

Posted by carter99 on August 11, 2008

Carter.S with shirt over ileostomy bag

Carter.S with shirt over ileostomy bag


Ok, so it’s been just over 5 weeks since my takedown operation. I am doing great. I have no regrets and not one time have I thought this was the wrong decision. I returned to work last Friday – August 1st, but with a 20lbs weight restriction. I have been lifting more than that; I lift with my legs and don’t really strain my stomach muscles so I feel like it’s ok. If you’re reading this mom, sorry…I’m stubborn. I know I mentioned my issue with giving up certain foods in an earlier post, but I’m starting to figure out what foods WILL NOT work for me. One day last week, for lunch, I had some Buffalo Shakers from Arby’s; I paid for it later that evening. A few nights ago I ate a large pizza and was up several times during the night – I think it might have been the pizza sauce. I’ve been able to drink alcohol. All I’ve really had is light beer and it’s not really bothered me. I don’t think I’ll totally give up my favorite foods; but I will definitely have to cut back. Maybe eat them when I don’t have any plans later on.

I have been taking fiber and Imodium and it seems to be helping. I’ve been going to the bathroom about 6-8 times a day; sometimes more depending on what I eat.

I’ve been going out with my friends, and like I said, I returned to work. My confidence is back and I don’t spend every moment I’m away from my apartment worrying about having to run to the bathroom. I do usually have to go at least once at work, but believe me, I ‘Gift-Wrap’ that toilet seat. When I do feel the urge, it’s not sudden; I am able to hold it – sometimes an hour or more.

My overall health is great. I’m not in shape because I’ve not started to exercise, but I’ll start back in a few weeks. I have put on a lot of weight since my surgery – I was down to about 125lbs which was really low for me.

*About my ostomy wound. There was a small spot that wasn’t healing up. When I went in for a follow-up my doctor told me it was a little flesh sticking out; it was no big deal. He put something on it, which I guess, burnt it off – it didn’t hurt. About a week later it was completely healed up. I’ll post some pictures later on. Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments and questions.

The most important thing to remember is to always keep a positive attitude. I realize it can be hard at times, but if you can have a good outlook on things it will make your experience with UC/J-Pouch surgery that much easier.

Visit Carter’s webpage here:  Photos: Carter S.


3 Responses to “Carter’s Update”

  1. Cliff Broadbent said

    Hey man, thanks heaps for posting. I have just had the ileostomy surgery and its good to hear such positive things. Am really looking forward to getting on with my life now that I don’t have UC.

  2. Mike said


    i was just writing to you to get some more details on the surgery. i am an 18 year old male who is going to have this surgery in november. i am sorta nervious about the whole situation and would like to talk a little abot it. Let me know about this as much as you would like. maybe we can email back and forth seperately or someething.



  3. carter99 said


    Sorry to respond so late. It’s nice to hear you have a great attitude towards things. I know you’ll be happy once you get used to things and, like you said, get on with your life.


    There is nothing wrong with being nervous – if you wern’t I’d be concerned. If you’ve got anything specific you want to ask, shoot. If you’d rather e-mail me, my address is cartersturdivant99@hotmail.com. I will say that I am completely satisfied with my decision to go through with surgery; my lifestyle has improved so much.

    Things have been pretty busy since school started back so I may not respond immediately but I will get back with you. Thanks for your posts.


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