UC to J-Pouch Story

Small setback-Liquid BMs

Posted by mark on August 16, 2008

Men's Toilet Sign at Playground - The First in a series of toilet signs around the world. Bangkok, Thailand.

Okay, okay…so at my 9 month mark living with my jpouch, I’m having a little set back.  The past 72 hours I have only had pure liquid BMs, I feel weak, exhausted and lightheaded. No urgency but feel I could go every 10 mins. No fever or anything, but do feel some like flu.  It has been hot here the past few days so maybe some of it is dehdryation (even though I drink tons of water and gatorade all the time).  And I’ve never dealt with any sort of dehydration before. 

I’m a little concerned if it isn’t just a short virus, it could maybe be Pouchitis, I hadn’t wanted to start any of that stuff yet.  Megan and I getting our house on the market to sell and really busy. But when is the timing ever good for a health concern?  If I don’t feel up to speed by Monday I’ll call the doctor for some advice. 

After feeling so good for so many months, it is hard to feel sorta crappy again – it just brings back a flood of familiar UC feelings.  It’s okay though, I would rather take 9 months of feeling good, and a few sick days than what I had with UC.  To be honest, I don’t want to play sick again, I like being healthy.

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2 Responses to “Small setback-Liquid BMs”

  1. kathy said

    Mark – are you doing any better? I’m hoping it was/is just a little viral thing and not pouchitis. Your pouch has been so well-behaved that it doesn’t seem like it should be misbehaving all of a sudden. Could the move have you stressed out? It doesn’t seem like you stress about things like that but stress can cause problems sometimes.

    Be better – kathy

  2. Megan said

    Hey Kathy,

    Yeah, it was all that braggin we were doing about his 9 month anniversary and how great he was doing. It was awful though b/c 1 day before he started feeling sick, he saw my Mom and she said “Oh he looks the healthiest I’ve ever seen him.” And then the next day he looks so gaunt and dark circles under the eye.

    I’ll tell you what though, these past few days have been a struggle, he has been a bit of a handful in that he is back to being quiet and hard to communicate with. I know he doesn’t feel well, probably worried about what this could mean if it isn’t a virus or stress, but wow does it bring back the UC days and moods. Thank goodness for the pouch, now we just need to get him back on track. Plus, our life is just too darn crazy right now, we don’t have time for him to get any type of sick!


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