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Gum Chewing = Faster Recovery?!

Posted by Megan on August 20, 2008

Hmmmm…..a small clinic study was conducted to see if chewing gum after colon removal surgery would stimulate the digestive system and help patients recover more quickly.   The pilot study found that yes, patients who chewed gum recovered more quickly.   That would be great if this proves to be a successful method for post surgery recovery, when Mark was in the hospital we would have done anything to help him recovery as quickly as possible.  See story below:

Excerpt below from NBC news story:  Chewing Gum Aids Recovery From Surgery: Colon Removal Recovery Easier For Chewers

“People who have all or part of their colons removed recover more quickly if they chew gum, doctors reported in the Archives of Surgery.  According to a news release, the inability to pass food through the intestines is a common complication of surgery that costs $1 billion a year. Researchers reviewed five trials in which people who chewed sugarless gum three times a day were compared to those who did not.Patients who chewed were able to pass gas and have a bowel movement  sooner than those who did not. The authors said those patients were also able to leave the hospital more quickly, but the difference was not big enough to be sure if it was from the treatment.  They said that it is thought that chewing gum helps stimulate nerves in the digestive system.”

Photo via: Nat


3 Responses to “Gum Chewing = Faster Recovery?!”

  1. bellyluv0sofine said

    I wish I had known this when I was in the hospital. I think I will bring gum when I have my pull down surgery in October.

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