UC to J-Pouch Story

Mark liquid BM Update

Posted by Megan on August 20, 2008

Well, it is about 6 days later and Mark is still sick with something not good at the moment, our first post on this change in his good fortune was small setback – liquid BMs.  Doctors are doing lab work and should have some insight pretty soon as to what is ailing him.  In the meantime he has liquid BMs, severe fatigue and he has already lost 6 pounds!  Not yet a pouchitis diagnosis, should know after the lab results.

I understand that “living with a jpouch” means you are living with a condition that can have some complications – but geez after having 9 months of healthy bliss, it is hard to experience this.  And he looks sick again, he was looking so healthy. 

Okay, more later when we know more, and I’ll post some info on pouchitis when time permits, I guess its time to learn about pouchitis?!


One Response to “Mark liquid BM Update”

  1. JM said

    When I was about at the same stage as Mark I had exactly the same problem. Experience has shown the folks at my hospital this is usually pouchitis or at the very least something bacteria related. As a course of Flagyl normally relieves the symptoms within a couple of days I was prescribed this rather than be left to suffer while all the necessary tests were carried out. True to form I felt fine after 48 hours and was back to normal in no time. I had no recurrence until this time last year when holidaying in Orlando, I guess the change in timezone, lifestyle and diet didn’t really agree with my pouch. Once again a short sharp shock with Flagyl saw that off.
    Hope Mark gets something sorted out soon

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