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Mark Pouchitis Update

Posted by Megan on August 21, 2008

Mark went to a new GI doctor today. Since his old GI retired and thMark in GI office for Pouchitis visitis is the first time he has needed one since the surgery.  And boy, today was amusing to say the least but not real helpful.  This doctor was treating him like he had a bacterial infection, didn’t really talk much about pouchitis, questioned if it was Crohn’s and more.  Overall, it was just kinda annoying because he was treating us as if we had no knowledge of GI issues.  Anywho, this doctor was rather unhelpful, so we contacted Mark’s out of state pre-surgery GI (who we LOVE), and she thinks initial symptoms we described could be pouchitis, so he’ll be treating it with a short round of Cipro for a few days to see if that is the case.  If not though, he’ll need a scope and I can’t imagine letting this new GI do a scope on him!
        We’ll do a pouchitis post here in a bit, but for now back to work on the dissertation – morning spent with Mark at doctors! 
We need him healthy again, he has been pretty ineffective at working (project now a kitchen remodel) since he got sick 7 days ago. 
Photo: Mark at the GI office, thought it was appropriate to photograph him under a large colon! 

2 Responses to “Mark Pouchitis Update”

  1. Kristin said

    I hope Mark feels better soon; I keep wondering when my first experience with pouchitis is going to happen!

    My surgeon told me that if I ever have any problems–including pouchitis symptoms–that I should make an appointment with him, not a GI. Perhaps it’s worth it for Mark to do the same?

  2. Rob said

    Hey Mark, looks like u put in some weight. Sorry to hear you and yours aren’t happy with your new Doctor. Just keep looking. You’ll find one you love again. That’s just so important. I would figure that all this time without a problem would be a good thing. People get infections and complications all the time. Just never lose faith and always try to think positive. Your going to be good…I just feel it.


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