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Jpouch Images

Posted by Megan on September 2, 2008

Images via John Hopkins Colon Cancer Center

These excellent 4 part illustrations from John Hopkins Colon Cancer Center clearly explain the Restorative Proctocolectomy (Ileoanal Pouch Procedure) that Mark had.  The surgery is also called IPAA for short, and the Ileoanal Pouch is the long name for Jpouch.

Hopefully, these clear drawings will help you understand the procedure, and the John Hopkins Colon Cancer Center site offers illustrations of the other possible colorectal surgeries. Their focus is on colon cancer and not IBD, but the surgeries definitely overlap.

Photos via:  John Hopkins Colon Cancer Center


3 Responses to “Jpouch Images”

  1. Betty said

    How do I receive permission for the use of the illustrations of the 2 stage ileostomy J Pouch procedure so I can include these in an article? Thanks, Betty Swap

  2. Eric said

    Hi Betty, the general guideline for using and referencing work done by others on the internet is: it’s ok! Be sure not to copy large paragraphs of text from another site and claim them as yours (basic plagiarism). You may borrow small images from one site, as long as you link to that site. If the image is created by that person and they have a copyright on it, what I find helpful is to take a screenshot of the image, and change the cropping a little bit so that I’m not just taking the whole image from another site, and then link to the original image page. Here is an excellent free tool for taking screen shots called Screen Captor that might be helpful. Otherwise, if it’s an image you know you’ve seen everywhere, and may people have on their site, common courtesy is to link to the site where you found the image, not the site where it originates. Hope this helps!

  3. laya said

    This is very informative. I have no colon, I have a J Pouch. I was bleeding intestinally to death. At ER they gave me 10 bags of blood and they cut my total colon, made a J Pouch and put Colostomy bag. After 3 years they removed my bag and connected my J Pouch to the Rectal Area. I was bleeding to death, the surgery saved my life, I stopped bleeding, but I still go to the bathroom 30-40 times a day that make life very difficult/impossible for me. Thank you for your post. I would like to receive your News Letter via my email, please. Thanks, Laya

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