UC to J-Pouch Story

Meet Catarina from Portugal

Posted by Megan on November 8, 2008

Catarina on Predinsone before Surgery #1

Catarina on Predinsone before Surgery #1

We are so pleased to be sharing Catarina’s story with you. She is 24 years old, lives in Portugal and has just had step 1 surgery due to her UC.

Photos: Catarina in Portugal

Be sure to visit her page and give her support!  What is so important that we must realize is that UC and the surgery crosses borders, UC doesn’t discriminate by age, gender, country.  In order to foster awareness of UC and advocacy we must acknowledge the global impact of the disease!


One Response to “Meet Catarina from Portugal”

  1. Catarina Marques said

    Hello everybody! It passed almost 5 years since my last post.. And here i am again writting to you to tell that on the next wednesday i’m doing my second take down! I’m turning my ileostomy into a j pouch! I’m a little bit anxious and happy at the same time.. Anxious because i’m afraid to get diharreia again and pass through all again.. I don’t know how my life will be with the j pouch.. Am i going to be a normal person again? Can i have a normal life without going to the bathroom all the time? Can i eat everything as a normal person? I’m really concerned about that! But, on the other hand, i’m happy because i’m getting free from my ileostomy! Wish to hear from you:) best wishes for you all! Kisses and hugs! Catarina

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