UC to J-Pouch Story

Things that make me feel better

Posted by jenellepower on November 11, 2008

 I’ve found that there are two things that have made me feel better lately, so I thought I’d pass them along. First of all, going back to the gym has been really fantastic for me. I was initially leery of going for four reasons: (1) the thought of getting changed at the gym was extremely stressful; (2) all the moving about seemed like it would increase the chances of someone noticing the stoma pouch; (3) I was worried about how Lil’ Stomy would get the way of some activities, particularly yoga; and (4) I found it depressing how little physical activity I could do compared to what I could do previously (about a month before I entered the hospital, I had been training to run my 3rd 10km race and 6 months later I didn’t feel capable of running at all). But, I went back and it feels great! Instead of heading to the gym straight from work, I go home first and change there. A little more of a hassle but I don’t have to lug all that stuff to work, which is a bonus. Yoga can be a little awkward if the pouch fills up while I’m there but it is very manageable and generally unnoticeable. My strength and cardio have been increasing rapidly and the quick gains are very encouraging (the bonus of starting at such a low level). I ran 4km today (slowly) and I really felt like I was beating UC. It’s annoying to think of having to do it all again if I’m getting the j-pouch (will have an update on that in a couple of weeks) but the surgeons said I had to be as strong as possible to have the surgery go as smoothly as possible.


Secondly, I bought a wig! My hair has been a huge issue for me and a good friend of mine convinced me to buy one. I don’t wear it to work because everyone there would know its fake, but I wore it out Christmas shopping today (it’s a holiday in Canada for federal government workers – yay for me!) and it felt really good to look normal again. A cashier even asked me where I had my highlights done! I bought a synthetic one and it was relatively inexpensive and I didn’t have to worry about where the hair came from (perhaps it’s unfounded, but I was worried about unethical means of obtaining the hair).


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