UC to J-Pouch Story


Posted by pixiesndust on November 23, 2008

before it all began
before it all began

Hi everyone. My name is Casey, I’m 21 and live in Florida. I took a lot of pictures through the last year of my surgeries and decided to share in hopes of helping someone going through the same situation. Feel free to ask questions or just leave comments! my email is yesac87@hotmail.com

sick times

sick times

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in Jan ’07 when I was 19. I was put on Asacol and did not respond. For some reason I missed the learning period of being able to swallow pills and was chewing them unaware that they were a time release medication. About 2 mo. later I was hospitalized for a month to get the first flare up under control. They took me off Asocol and started me on IV steroids and Cyclosporine. I had many blood transfusions because I was losing a lot of blood in my stool. It was a very tough month, I was vomiting everything I tried to eat and lost about 30lbs. I was still taking cyclosporine and prednisone 11 mo. later when I decided to go through with surgery.

big face

big face

Casey’s Blog and Photos Here



2 Responses to “HI EVERYONE!”

  1. Mary said

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. Sounds like you are doing much better now and you handled your surgery and health problems with such a positive spirit!

    Stay well,

  2. Daryl storm said

    Hi casey, kinda cold here in wisconsin tonight 😦 was soo nice over the weekend, so im inside tonight and came acrrose your blog and wanted to chat looks like you were diagnosied the same time as me.. reall sad what happends with this disease. i too was diagnoised with colitis about jan 20th going to school in northern michigan univeristy , was really sick the end of feb and by march 11 i was admited in seriouse condition, i know what u have been through and wouldnt wish this on any enemy. im not really religious, but i do believe that this has came for a good reason i was a business major and now im a nursing major, ive had the 2 part ipaa surgery and have lerned so much from this disease and honestly it has helped me laern in the medical field. dont wanna bore u with the stories u already know but anytime u want to talk please feel free to add me on facebook if ur there if not you have my email anytime you would like to talk wheather its about Uc or life without uc :/ half face bc of the no colon. just remember you may not have a colon but you will continue to keep on rollin. 🙂

    Take care,
    Daryl S.

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