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Finding A Clean Bathroom

Posted by Eric on December 10, 2008

diaroogle1For those of you in the Big Apple, Diaroogle helps you find quality public toilets from your mobile phone. From their description:

It’s for the discerning, on-the-go defecator who is brave enough to use a public bathroom, but still demands a hygienic and private bathroom experience. It is also a community authored database of Manhattan toilets.

And if you’re not in NYC, be sure to check out either the bathroom diaries or sitorsquat because, as that lovely children’s book reminds us, everyone poops.

Diaroogle.com – The Premier Toilet Search Engine.


4 Responses to “Finding A Clean Bathroom”

  1. JustStoppingBy said

    Boy, I really could have used something like this when traveling overseas. Do you guys know of anything that does the entire globe?

  2. Eric said

    Wow, all the world’s bathrooms on one website. Not sure that sort of thing exists, but I’ll keep my eye out for anything and post it here if I find something. Thanks for reading!

  3. Ricko said

    if anyone can help me explain the above article?

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