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The Daily Stool Count, Joe’s Goals

Posted by Eric on December 12, 2008

Joes Goals

Joes Goals

A fellow J-poucher, Dennis, who we introduced to you back in October of this year, has just successfully completed the J pouch operation! Congrats to Dennis from everyone here at UC Story.
Dennis mentions something in a recent post on his vlog:

And I’m starting a new feature for the next couple months: the Daily Stool Count. People seem really interested in how frequent and urgent j-pouches are, so keep watching as I keep that tally every day.

This reminded me how obsessed with numbers I am, so I dug through my files and was reminded of a great website, Joe’s Goals. Joe’s is designed to help you keep track of things like exercise and food intake. There’s a spot for inputting your own notes, and an easy way to keep count of your goals. I’ve used it off and on for a year or so, and while it’s not something I’ve used consistently, it might be an easy way to track your progress fresh out of surgery.

As far as my count is concerned, the first night in the hospital after takedown was zero, the next was 15 trips to the bathroom, and the rest are up on the graph posted above. You can see they leveled off rather quickly, and I’m still averaging 6-8. (I have a very strong liking for red wine, and having a few glasses seems to affect consistency but not numbers.) Hope this helps!


One Response to “The Daily Stool Count, Joe’s Goals”

  1. Greg said

    Just be sure never to let the ‘butt-burn’ turn into a cut (anal fissure) I had my j-pouch at age 16, 16 years ago, 16 years with 8 or BMs per day. Don’t get a cut, use lotion on the TP (I find its better than baby wipes and won’t clog up your drains). I could never gain weight after my surgery so I….here, I’ll just past a comment I left elsewhere, just remember DONT GET A CUT! Thee have been warned! and Good luck 🙂

    I was diagnosed with UC at age 7, I decided to search Google for others like me as I know we are rare 🙂 I saw your post on the C & Colitis Challenge website re: your daughter. I had my colon/rectum removed at age 16 w/ j-pouch and I am now 32, husband and father of two baby boys. If you have any questions don’t hesitate. I’m working on a book of memoirs and tips as I’ve been through a bit. Diarrhea is a big problem and never could gain weight for years until I got a fissure/cut from overwiping/poor-healing/mal-nutrition/night-soiling, etc. The most important tip of all is don’t get a cut down there: don’t let the ‘butt-burn’ turn into a cut (I had no idea it was possible, or that it would re-open with each BM, devastating pain: use baby wipes but even better I have found is a gob of lotion on the TP. -I have a referral to Cedars Sinai in LA soon, hope they will help me with the diarrhea. After years of searching for some food, herb, etc. to slow things down I got those cuts and had to take opiate pain meds (vicodin) for 3 months. During that time I noticed that my bowel sounds/pain, and slowed, thicker BMS and regained 10lbs after the 30 I had lost due to fasting for a month (scared to eat because the poop is so painful when the cut opens). I’ve since learned of the mu opioid receptors in the intestines and that codeine and tincture of opium are actually indicated by the AGastraAssoc. for severe, chronic diarrhea. Unfortunately Dr.’s are reluctant to prescribe opiates so I’m at a loss, a lot of people on forums say it has been a god-send to them but they live who knows where? 🙂 Anyway, may not be indicated for such a young girl but I’d accept the trade-offs any day after 16 years of daily diarrhea, accidents, etc. Anyway, back to the book. Again, if you have any questions or tips….God bless

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