UC to J-Pouch Story

Sneak Peak: J-Pouch Life

Posted by Eric on December 14, 2008

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The Next UC Story Design

Sneak Peak: The Next UC Story Design

We’re working hard on the UC Story redesign, in fact, the name of the blog just might change to Jpouch Life (that is, if it’s ok with you).

And, while Megan has completely schooled me in color theory, I think I still have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to comments and the general layout of the site.

With hopes you’ll like it, and many more hopes for your good health!


8 Responses to “Sneak Peak: J-Pouch Life”

  1. Jenelle said

    One thought on both names: sometimes people plan to get a J-Pouch and it doesn’t work out (e.g., I thought I also had Crohn’s for a while, sometimes things go wrong and it has to be reversed again, etc). It would be nice if it was also inclusive for those who end up with an ileostomy long-term.

  2. Megan said

    That is a really really good point that we totally missed. We totally want the site to be welcoming for all people in the getting or losing of a jpouch. I wonder how to say it without excluding anyone? We thought we should take UC to jpouch out of the title so that all people not just UC people felt welcome. What about something like “The Jpouch Transition” hmmm…need to think about this one.

    • Eric said

      I agree, and this is one of the main reasons I wanted to open up the discussion. I fear though, in the end, we’ll have to compromise and choose one title that might not welcome everyone. The blog isn’t strictly for Colitis sufferers, although most stories involve Colitis; it’s not justfor people with a Jpouch, although most have had or will have the surgery; how do we welcome Crohn’s, Colitis, that ineffable thing called Crohn’s-Colitis!, IBD, IBS, chronic illness sufferers and their family and friends all in one title? THAT is a feat worthy of a prize. We might have to make up a word!

  3. Stephlws said

    I am digging the new design you guys sent! I agree with Jenelle’s suggestion! IBD & J-pouch Life: A Place for Patients, Friends, and Families to Heal and Be Heard! There is life with IBD & a J-Pouch…it just smells different! ha ha ha

  4. Jimmy said

    Killer Colon Survivors or someting of the sorts or Colonless Life seem as another way to say the same thing. It seems what we all have in common is we all survived A Killer Colon attack and are living to tell the tale. A Blog like this is where we come together and are greatful for all the rest of ourselves we have left. Just because we lost a part of us it doesn’t make the rest of our bodies any less. Anyway just adding to the Brainstorm. I’m an animation artist and could brainstorm some Jaws movie poster cover spoof ideas for a Killer Colon Concept. It’s like we are shark attack victims in the away that we were attacked by our Colon unexpectedly. They have gone through something they feel not many people can relate with too and the blog is a place to find them. Whatever it’s worth all of it’s great and positive. Happy Holidays and Merry New Year!

  5. Eric said

    I think the idea for a killer colon movie poster is fantastic! This might not be the best for the idea, but my colon didn’t try to kill me, my colon died. Maybe an image of a colon with a thermometer in its mouth, like a sick colon? Not quite as fun as Jaws!

  6. Jimmy said

    Hey yeah my Colon Died on me too I had Toxic MegaColon. It’s the fact that without modern medicine we could or would have died and our sick Colon would have killed us. Yes the Sick Colon is another way to look at it. Your Colon died but what would it have done to you having your dead Colon perforate inside you? Imagine if it happened to you just 30 40 years ago. Let me know if you have any more ideas we could bounce of of each other until the right one comes?

    • Eric said

      You know, Jimmy, now that you put it that way, I like the “killer colon” idea. I, too, suffered from Toxic Megacolon, or at least the tests after the partial colectomy revealed it to be “consistent with the symptoms of toxic megacolon.” Medical speak, for all its assumed precision, is never really very precise. Perhaps this is because of liability. Anyway, having toxic megacolon made the surgery a no brainer: a) have surgery b) die. I chose A, obviously. The medical speak for that decision goes like this: “the majority of patients with conditions consistent with toxic megacolon do not survive a bowel perforation.” Translation, from a doctor friend of mine: “NO ONE with that sort of colon survives a perforation.” Anywho, welcome fellow toxic mega coloner! What about a comic like the toxic avenger, but a colon? All green and gross and radio active with holes everywhere?!?

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