UC to J-Pouch Story

Photos: Catarina in Portugal

Here I am to tell to the world my story. As I told you before, my name’s Catarina, I’m 24 years old and I’m portuguese. So, my story starts when i was 22 years old. I went to the hospital with lots of pain in my abdomen, diarhea with blod, lost of weight.. etc

My entire colon was damaged and i was proposal for surgery by my doctor. There was no way back – I tried lots os medication, prednisone, remicade, pentasa,

clisteres, etc.. and nothing seems to result. only high dosis of prednisone help my colitis to be calm, and not to bother me. but when i tried to get out of prednisone it starts all over again.. my body starts to claim its effects..

My first take down was on 23rd October. My surgery was made by laparoscopy..



my aspect when i was on prednisone:




Catarina on Predinsone before Surgery #1

Catarina on Predinsone before Surgery #1





















Second day after my 1st surgery:




Catarina in hospital 2nd day after colectomy

Catarina in hospital 2nd day after colectomy
















Here are some photos of my stoma:




























My Scars:
















Well, your story and your blog, has encouraged me to do this surgery. I hope I can help other people with the same problem.


My next consultation with my surgery is in the next Monday, and I will have the information about when I will have my 2nd take down..


Thanks to let me post my story! I will keep you in touch!

Kisses for all of you



13 Responses to “Photos: Catarina in Portugal”

  1. gknafelc said

    OOO! Pretty stoma!! I named mine Rover…!


  2. carter99 said

    Good luck with the next step Catarina. Keep us updated on how things are going. How have things gone so far?


  3. Catarina said

    Hi Carter!
    i’m feeling great.. the next take down is on january.. i’m a little bit anxious..


  4. […] Photos: Catarina in Portugal […]

  5. Gina Brown said

    Hello Catarina,

    Wow, when I heard your story I wanted to Cry!! It sounds like we went through similar experiences with our Dead colon inside of us. Wow those pix are heartbreaking…I do have scars myself were my take was. Yes, my entire colon was removed…The drugs I had to stop at was remicade. I lost Most of hair, and broke out into BAD, BAD Rashes all through my body, and the Pain was even worse. My name is GINA. I am 34 years old now. I was 32 at the time it all happened.. I am truely blessed to say that I am thankful at this second chance at LIFE with my 5yr. old daughter.

    • Holly said

      Hello Gina,

      I am 27 yrs old and have had uc for 6 years now…i have been on all the medications and am currently on remicade, lomotil, imodium and bentyl…nothing is helping so far…i go for my double dose of remicade in two weeks to see if that will help me…i am an operating room nurse and have to say ignorince is bliss…i perform these surgeries a lot but am scared to death to have it done myself. My main concern is I want to have babies and my husband and I are ready but my health is putting me behind. Did you have your daughter before or after surgery? I am scared if I have suregry I will not be able to have children??? If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it….I read all your stories as I work into the night and love them, I feel close to you all but never knew you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. alex gomes said

    ola catarina espero q esteja bem, por fim. Eu tambem sou ostomizado e li a sua experiencia. Mando um enorme abraço com tudo de bom.
    Já agora tambem sou portugues.

  7. Catarina said

    Hello everyone,
    Has been a while since the last time I wrote on this blog. Three years have passed since my surgery and I’m still with the ileostomy. I’m been delaying the second surgery, but honestly I’m a little bit tired of my ileostomy. I’m still afraid to do the 2nd surgery, because my life after her, still remains unknown. I’m afraid of not being quite well and continue to take drugs and go to the bathroom again and again. But then I want to get out of it, to be able to go to the beach without complexes of showing my body .. I miss to go to the beach and wear my bikini. Besides that I have a completely normal life .. I do what I want and there is nothing that stops me from doing what I want .. So i want to make sure that everything would be normal after my 2nd take-down! Someone who has done the 2nd surgery and doesn’t have any problems now? It would be a relief for me to know that all is well .. Kisses and hugs for everyone:)

  8. Karl said

    Hi Catarina,
    well it semm you have been through a lot, just keep thinking about the day you can go down to the beach with no worries other than putting on sun lotion, I have created a website, whilst it covers nearly all the Towns/villages in the Algarve I soon hope to cover all of Portugal, so I hope you enjoy readin about the places you can go there are loads of photo’s, all the best and hope your plight end soon

  9. Nicko said

    Hy Chatarina, how the disease could happen?

  10. Catarina Marques said

    Hello everyone!! Oh my god 3 years passed since my last post!! And at the moment I have just GOOD NEWS!! 🙂 I removed my ileostomy 2 years ago!! And thank god i made it! I’m so happy, and reliefed, but at the same time sad because i wait for so long to do it! My life changed drastically, I’m not taking any drugs since the last surgery, i can eat whatever i want, i go out, i do sports, I have a completely normal life right now! Just like I use to have before i had colitis!! I’m so happy!! 🙂 So, what else can I say? Just to encourage other people who’s affraid to take this risk 😉 For me, was the best choice! 🙂 I have no more urgency to go to the bathroom, I go 2, 3 times per day. And I can stay all day without thinking about go to the toillet. At night i sleep the entire night without going to the toillet. It’s amazing, I almost considere it like a miracle 😀 I’m very happy.. I have no more words to describe the moment i’m going through 🙂 I love my J-pouch!! ❤ Thank's Mark for your story that had encouraged me to take this step! Wish to help other people with my testimony!!
    Please contact me if anyone is needing support or help 🙂
    Kisses and Hugs from Portugal, for you all 🙂 🙂

    • philip lister said

      My partner and I will be moving from england to madeira and wondered what the situation is on the cost and supply of stoma care products in the Portugese health care system for residents of the island?
      Kind regards philip & jenny

  11. Filipa said

    Olá Catarina,
    Também eu me estou a preparar para j pouch surgery, e a ler tudo o que encontro sobre o assunto, se puderes manda-me um e-mail para trocarmos ideias,

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