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Excellent Video: UC to J-pouch

Posted by mark on June 20, 2008

8 Days after surgery showing Ileostomy Bag

8 Days after surgery showing Ileostomy Bag


Video: UC to J-Pouch (well done & realistic)

I highly recommend this really done video (7 mins) about Video IBD Surgery:  “People with inflammatory bowel disease often face surgery. New techniques can speed recovery and reduce post-operative discomfort. Meet an 18-year-old woman with ulcerative colitis, and follow along as she makes the decision to undergo laparoscopic surgery.”

I just felt this video really covered a lot of what I was going through trying to make the surgery decision and the surgery itself. 

My update: Almost 1 year has past, living healthy and well with my J-pouch (no longer have the temporary ileostomy).


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