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CCFA Billboard

Posted by mark on July 11, 2008

CCFA Billboard, Tucson Arizona USA

 Looks like “times they are a’ chaning” if CCFA is posting billboards to bring disease awareness.  Hopefully you’ll be able to see the billboard details, but the female in the photo is sitting on the toilet and resting her head against the wall with her eyes closed.  It’s a pretty powerful image.  The text reads “Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis can be overwhelming.  We can help!” 

My sister told me about this billboard, and I told her she had to photograph it for us to share with others. This is so great because not so much for those living with the disease but so that others affected by those with disease can see that it really is a problem!  The billboard is up in the city limits Tucson, Arizona USA (greatest city in the world).  Thanks Erica for the great photo!

If any of you have great photos that are about IBD awareness you should send them and we’ll share them with our readers!

Photo by: Erica (Megan’s Sister)


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