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J-pouch and Alcohol

Posted by mark on June 15, 2008

One of the biggest questions I receive is if with a jpouch you can drink alcohol.  My answer is not technical just my experience. And yes, I do drink in moderation. I’m not a big drinker anyway but I do find a drink or two is fine on occasion.  If I drink my BMs pretty much go straight to liquid which makes it less appealing to want to drink. As I understand there is no difference for a person with a colon and without a colon to drink b/c the liver and stomach absorb the hooch, but I don’t understand this process.  However, be leary of dehyrdation that much i know.  Here are some thoughts from other jpouchers on drinking and jpouch:

jpouch alcohol 1

Jpouch and Alcohol Poll

Drink 4 wks after jpouch takedown

2 year old pouch and drinks of choice

All opinion based, but use your best judgment and if your body says it feels okay then a drink in moderation is likely fine.  Of coure, talk with your surgeon or GI about this before you do anything!

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